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We believe true change and transformational success comes with tiny, consistent steps. We strive to educate our customers throughout their Salesforce transformation journey, enabling them to make informed decisions. We employ a low stress services model, allowing our customers the freedom to achieve their Salesforce goals over time, with a lower up front cost, as they take those tiny steps toward more scalable success. 


We believe that knowing the technology is only the beginning. Having functional, experienced talent that understands the actual sales process just as expertly as they do the technical configuration of such in the CRM is crucial to a mutually beneficial partnership.  The team comes from a wide experience and skillset range including b2b sales, service, sales ops, manufacturing, technical consulting, and holding various Salesforce Certifications in multiple parts of the platform. 

WHAT IS "tiny feet"? 

Our founder, when he was in B2B sales had another company that ultimately closed its doors. Not wanting to repeat the same luck, he and his wife were considering a new company name. While discussing options, their children both burst into the room with their feet pitter pattering across the floor. Immediately, he and his wife said the words 'tiny feet', and the company  name was born. The name tiny feet is symbolic of taking your first tiny steps to build Salesforce into a powerful business tool, and is inspired on approaching the transformation with a childs mind, an inquisitive and beginners mindset. 

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